Hi postdocs!

Thank you for your interest in attending one of the URoL Workshops.

Applications to participate in this workshop series are now CLOSED. You should know by April 5 whether you have been selected to participate in one of 4 workshops exploring Using the Rules of Life. We anticipate accepting about 25 postdocs to attend each URoL Workshop, for a total of 100 postdocs. Your acceptance comes with an expectation for you to participate in three additional "Incubators" which are designed to make your participation in the Workshops productive and fulfilling.

Please mark all dates below in your calendar for now. Once you are accepted to a URoL workshop, you can release the other URoL Workshop and Writing Incubator dates.

What are the objectives for these Incubators?

FIRST - To prepare you for your role at the URoL workshop.

SECOND - To network with other postdocs who share interests in similar or overlapping science domains.

THIRD - To give you time and space to reflect on the collaborative, cross-disciplinary and use-inspired research future of your own career.

About the Incubators

Kick-off Incubator

The kick-off incubator will be on April 12 following the URoL Workshop Orientation. We will have break-out sessions with small groups of postdocs to discuss framing questions on the challenges of cross-disciplinary, use-inspired research (goals, opportunities, resource needs, etc.). In addition, your group will brainstorm potential topics for papers (see below).

Writing Incubators

Your team will attend one of two Writing Incubators. Which one will depend on which URoL workshop you attend; they are scheduled for April 22nd (for attendees of URoL Workshops 1 and 2) and May 2nd (for attendees of URoL Workshops 3 and 4).

Your team is expected to produce a paper from the URoL Workshop and Incubator activities. The content will be decided by your group. Possibilities include an outline of a research project or conference or conference session; a paper (potentially for publication) on a scientific topic related to the URoL workshop; a paper giving advice to the community and NSF on how to involve postdocs in the different stages of cross-disciplinary research. These topics are not prescriptive - you get to decide with your group.

Wrap-up Incubator

This incubator provides an opportunity for you to meet and learn about the activities of postdocs who participated in the other three URoL Workshops. There will also be some activities to help you envision your research career and strategies over the next 10+ years.

Application for the Workshops closed on Tuesday, March 29