Toward Whole Cell Models

We invite you to join us for the fifth "Finding Your Inner Modeler" conference. For the first time in this program, we will explore a specific theme: Toward Whole Cell Models.

This means that, in addition to the usual conference events, we will work in collaborative groups to plan how we, as a community of data scientists and cell biologists, might build a whole cell model. Yes, we know that this is an audacious goal! Our intent is to use this goal as a mechanism to drive high quality collaboration and advance cell-level systems biology over the next 10 years.

Whether you are excited by the idea of taking on one of the most important challenges in biological science, or simply want to share and learn from colleagues, we know that you will find this a stimulating and engaging conference.

We will run the event both in-person and also virtually in order to ensure that we are as inclusive as possible.

In addition to the theme, the meeting will include all of your favorite FYIM features (plus a few new ones)

  • Keynotes by Jonathan Karr, Mount Sinai Hospital School of Medicine and Zaida Luthey-Schulten, UIUC
  • Special presentation by Johannes Schöneberg, UCSD
  • Project Presentations by selected cell biologist/modeler pairs
  • Feedback and advice from computational experts
  • Meet-a-Modeler opportunities to consult with experts one-on-one
  • "Primer on computational tools" workshop
  • “Looking for a collaborator” talks by selected cell biologists
  • Poster session and interdisciplinary small group discussions
  • NSF funding talk and Community Town Hall
  • $2,000 Training & Travel award for new collaborators
  • And we will be joined by a fantastic expert panel

  • Belinda Akpa – UTK & Oak Ridge National Labs
  • Eric Deeds – UCLA
  • Andrew Mugler – University of Pittsburgh
  • Elizabeth Read – UC Irvine
  • Registration is FREE. (Meeting-sponsored travel and accommodation for ~50 participants)

    We encourage scientists with all levels of experience and from all branches of data modeling and biological sciences to participate and contribute to the discussion. We particularly encourage under-represented minorities at all career stages to apply.

    Register here NOW >>

    Meeting Organizers

    • David Stone, University of Illinois at Chicago
    • Elizabeth Sztul, University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Steering Committee

    • Belinda Akpa, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee
    • Carlos Lopez, Altos Labs
    • Elizabeth Haswell, Washington University in St. Louis
    • John Cooper, Washington University
    • Julien Berro, Yale University
    • Mentewab Ayalew, Spelman College
    • Robert Arkowitz, Université Côte d'Azur, CNRS, INSERM
    • Suzanne Barbour, UNC Chapel Hill
    • Wallace Marshall, UCSF
    • Wouter-Jan Rappel, UCSD