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This website hosts the application information for multiple events. To apply to your specific event, please use the web address that was provided by the event organizers. If you don’t have that address, please email support@knowinnovation.com and tell us the name of the event you wish to apply to.

Upcoming Events

New Applications of Synthetic Biology to Cancer Research Challenges: 2020 Virtual Jumpstart

A Jumpstart to Expand Capacity to Address Important Cancer Questions by Reengineering Biology

Join a 3-day workshop to develop novel cross-disciplinary collaborations!

Applications are due August 31st 2020 (5pm Eastern Time).

Synthetic biology approaches are rapidly advancing and primed to transform cancer research. To capitalize on the opportunity and drive synthetic biology development to tackle pressing cancer research challenges, this three-day workshop will bring together diverse research and clinical communities across cancer and synthetic biology expertise areas to explore the possibilities and launch exciting research collaborations.

Data Visualization Plus Cancer

Data are only as useful as the insights we can glean from them.

How might recent advances in interactive media and data visualization help illuminate and solve pertinent challenges in cancer research?

We’ll be hosting 4 Micro Labs, a poster session, and a 2-day Expo. Join us!