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Microlab #1 - Predicting New Combination Therapies and Regimens - Simultaneous Drug Administration

Date/Time: September 14, 2021, from 11AM to 2PM EST.

Cancer is a complex, multi-factorial disease that often requires a combination of several therapeutic agents, to increase efficacy, by reducing tumor growth and metastatic potential, and reduce resistance. The combination of multiple drugs and the ramification of several optimization criteria, both related to patient response but also to financial and practical considerations, introduce complexity in determining the best strategy for administration and even more in predicting its effectiveness. Micro Lab 1 will focus on new combination regimens and how combinations change efficacy when administered simultaneously, what drives the optimal administration regimen and what are the models to test these dynamic hypotheses. Questions to address during the discussion may include but are not limited to:

  • What is the most useful definition of synergy in the clinic? At the bench? Computationally?

  • Is there a way to include molecular features in the measures of synergy?

  • What data is best, or most effective to predict synergy while maintaining a biological understanding in prediction?

  • What are the roadblocks for prediction?

  • How PKPD informs combinations in this context? 

  • What engineered platforms are available to test the computational models?


Clinical Perspective

Vanderbilt University

Cancer Biology Perspective


Computational Modeling Perspective

University of Helsinki

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